The Guardian by Jeff R.Young


The Guardian
By: Jeff R.Young

Not far in the distance, late in the night,
The thunder was rolling, the lightning burned bright.
It moved like a monster to pass overhead,
I watched as it went, safe in my bed.

To the rage of the storm, I closed my eyes,
Traveling off to where the dreamworld lies.
I found myself at the edge of a lake,
As I gazed in the water, I began to shake.

I looked into the eyes of my own reflection,
To see in myself a growing infection.
I saw in my soul my deadliest sin,
Paving the way for my demons to win.

My life had become a gauntlet of walls,
An endless maze of dark barren halls.
In self pity I clung to a web of dejection,
Blocked off to the world by inner rejection.

My denial of life had left me a shell,
Dooming myself to my own private hell.
I looked to the sky and screamed my despair,
Then fell to my knees in a last desperate prayer.

"Please save me from this path I have taken,
Make me the man that I have forsaken.
If I could see in your eyes what you see in me,
I could release my grip, and thus set me free."

The heavens opened with a golden shine,
Releasing a guardian, her nature divine.
Her movement was lithe, her body aglow,
Radiating as bright as the purest of snow.

With the weight of a plume, she touched the ground,
Ever so gently and making no sound.
With eyes as profound as a perfect kiss,
Her elegance defined my sense of bliss.

She waved a hand to beckon me near,
And I saw in her eye I had nothing to fear.
I lowered my head and I moved to her call,
I felt in that moment my insanity fall.

With supple wings of the purest white,
She engulfed my body in her heavenly light.
She pulled me close in a loving embrace,
An unyielding hold of benevolent grace.

Within her arms I lay and I trembled,
In a torrent of cries, I became unraveled.
No more a man, but a child of shame,
My sorrow a beast I had no means to tame.

A gentle finger moved to my cheek,
Catching the tears that started to streak.
She hushed me with a comforting tone,
Assuring me I am no longer alone.

In powerful arms, she wrapped me tight,
Shielding me like a virtuous Knight.
With a soothing stroke of hand through hair,
She eased the heartache of my despair.

Her breath played on me as a calming breeze,
Forcing my anguish down to its knees.
With her whispered words my trembles cease,
Snug in her arms I have found my peace.

My eyes snapped open to where reality waited,
The thunder now muted and the dreamland faded.
The last of the storm had moved on past,
Leaving the night in silence at last.

Slowly I turned and discovered her there,
Her arm around me, her hand in my hair.
My angel was with me, she was all along,
In my guardian's arms is where I belong.

She is my sentinel sent from above,
My mark of serenity, my sacred dove.
In her loving eyes I find my place,
My rapture felt in her secure embrace.

About the Author

Jeff R.Young lives in southern Wisconsin with his daughter and fiance, where he writes poetry as a hobby, while working on his first novel. You may learn more about Mr. Young and his writing by visiting him at
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