Life III by Kevin Magnus


Life III
By: Kevin Magnus

I wake up and ask God, "Why am I still here?"
Must I continue to suffer life and give up whatís dear?
No one cares what my fate may hold,
My illness has returned and my soul grows cold.
I hunger for happiness, but it is always out of my reach,
There is no hope left for me, though thatís not what they teach.
In the darkness, forever, I will remain,
To wallow in my self pity, hatred and pain.
Iím not the shinning star for everyone to see,
But be assured that after we are through, everyone will remember me.
As I continue on taking you all to a higher level,
Just remember if I donít change my way, Iíll belong to the Devil.

About the Author

Kevin Magnus is a senior contributor to the site. He was one of the first poets to contribute in the first issue of ďThe World of MythĒ. Now into what he feels his PRIME Magnus attempts to produce the best possible pieces for this magazine!
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