The End: Story Two - Lured Inside By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
Lured Inside
By: David K. Montoya

I saw no reason to stay around waiting for it reappear and make another try on my life, so I made a run for it! Halfway across the room the Unlucky came out from behind a set of steel framed cabinets and caught me by surprise. We slammed up against the algae covered wall as it tried to bite at me face. I held it by the neck, trying to hold the creature away from me. I scanned the surrounding area, searching for something that could be used as a weapon against the monster. Then I saw that right next to the entryway was an old storage unit for a fire extinguisher. If the extinguisher was still inside, it could be used as a bludgeon!

I shoved the monster away from me and went for the extinguisher. I was surprised at what I saw; it was not a fire extinguisher but instead, behind the glass was a fire axe! Without hesitation I drove my fist through the thin glass barrier and snatched up the axe, swinging it wildly in the beastís direction.

I embedded the blade of the axe into the demonís skull, splitting it in two at the center of his forehead. The beastís poisoned blood erupted from the wound, spraying everything in front of the creature with its dark tarry substance.

The beast finally fell lifeless into the shallow water. I reached over, grabbed the axe by the handle and jerked it from the Unluckyís head. I knew that we needed weapons that could be reused time and time again. Before leaving I searched for my shotgun. In the end, it was found lodged in the steel frame that seemed to run throughout the room.

With both weapons in hand I made my way back up the stairs to find my brother Richard.


After taking the stairs to the upper level, I found myself standing in the dorm area of the school. It was even more difficult to see than before, since there was no source of light to be found. I called out to my brother a couple of times before I heard him respond. He was farther down the hall. I found him trying to bust down a locked door.

Looking at the door, I could make out the words " Dean of Students " carved into the wood. I asked Richard why he was trying to get into that particular room. He explained that he thought there might be an extra set of keys in there, or a map of the building at the very least.

Without another word being said I took the fire axe and slammed the blade into the thin wooden door. With each stroke fragments fell away allowing the light from the other side to shine through. After the fourth swing, I told Richard to ram the door once more, and this time he crashed right through!

Slowly, I entered the room; it was completely lit from outside, which gave the area a bluish tint. Like everything else in the school, all of the contents were waterlogged and quickly found to be unusable. Before we walked out of the room, I gave a quick glance out the window and saw the crowd of Unluckys had made their way out of the downtown park and were now standing in front of the school.

But they did not try to get into the school. The demons just stood there looking up at the main entrance. Although I had a strong feeling that would soon change, we would hopefully be in the bus before they made their stand against us, but only time would tell.

To be continuedÖ

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