The End: Story Two - Lured Inside By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
Lured Inside
By: David K. Montoya

We exited from the corridor into the main body of the west wing. There were several worn down doors which lined the weather-stained walls. Walking through light that came in through a window, I saw that the area the two of us were in had suffered from water damage. I looked above me and saw that the rain from the outside was getting in and rolling down the already slime covered walls. We walked toward a set of stairs that led down to the next level. By the time we reached the last step both of us were standing in at least several inches of water.

We slowly moved downward; it was becoming more difficult to see as there were fewer windows in that part of the wing. Richard noticed a light from up ahead. I figured it was coming from the outside like before, but he said it looked as if the lights were on in that part of the school.

Rich and I both walked faster through the water filled hall until, reaching the origin of the light, we found a staircase that was lit by an old set of neon lights. I saw that the stairs led in both up and down directions.

I told Rich that he should take the top stairs and I would use the other set. My brother seemed almost pleased that I made that statement--I had not realize he was so uncomfortable being around me.

Within a matter of moments he had raced upstairs and disappeared from my view without once looking back. I was not so ambitious as my brother; I slowly made my way down the steps. The smell of mildew and rot was much stronger down here, and like up stairs, everything was flooded. It was almost impossible to see as there was only one small window that gave off very little light. I noticed that a huge furnace was in the middle of the room and realized I was down in the boiler room.

I decided not to stick around but to head back upstairs, and was only a few feet from the steps when I heard something which caused me to freeze dead in my tracks. I stood there for a moment and heard the sound again. It was the sound of several hisses; I had heard the same type of hissing back at the Hoover Dam. The sound was made by many baby Unluckys. I tried to slowly make my way to the staircase but was stopped by a deep growl from right behind me.

I spun around, firing a couple of shots blindly into the darkness. I heard the Unlucky shuffling through the water so I decided to fire off a few more rounds, but I quickly realized that was not a wise idea, as I had just wasted five bullets without hitting a damned thing!

Before I could make my way back to the staircase I was blind sided by the creature! I found myself completely submerged beneath the murky water and lost my gun. Quickly I got back to my feet; I tried to feel around in the muck for my weapon, but was unable to find it before the creature made another attack on me. I did the only thing that made any sense--avoid the demon and try to get back to the staircase. But that would be easier said than done since I was suddenly knocked to the other side of the room.

The Unlucky made several more attempts to attack me, but I was able to step out of harm's way with each try. I worked my way over to the wall across from the stairs, but the creature had disappeared!

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