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Hello everyone, this is Balcony Betty, here once again to spread my movie wisdom. This month I had a chance to review a few movies in different genres. In the comic book to movie category I watched “Ultraviolet,” and in the sappy romantic-comedy there is “Failure to Launch.” After that, I needed a Johnny Depp/Orlando Bloom fix, so I braved opening weekend crowds and saw “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest,” and in the straight to DVD horror category I saw “The Dark.”

“Ultraviolet” stars Milla Jovovich, who is best known for her role as “The Fifth Element” (in the movie of the same name) as Violet, a “vampire” assassin trying to save herself and others like her from the human rulers and from the time bomb ticking within every person inflicted with the “vampire” virus. Although this movie is difficult to follow at times, I thought it was a good flick. I will admit that I knew next to nothing about it going in to watch this movie; I knew that it was based on a series of comic books, but nothing beyond that. Even so, I was pleasantly surprised. Like most comic books-turned-movie, fight scenes abound, and “Ultraviolet” had awesome special effects, most with a very Martix-esque feel to them. I gave “Ultraviolet” three and a half howls of pleasure .

“Failure to Launch” is about a 30-something man who still lives at home, with no intention of leaving in sight, and his parents plan to trick him into moving out. The movie has funny moments and on a whole was very well done, but it was extremely predictable and I still find Sarah Jessica Parker’s acting to be, well, how to put this nicely...umm, lacking. All things considered, I could only give “Failure to Launch” two and a half howls of pleasure .

In the straight to DVD category I saw “The Dark.” The movie was done very well, but I can’t figure out why this movie never went to the theaters. In my humble opinion it would have made money. I found it to be full of the creep-factor that a lot of recent horror flicks have been missing. “The Dark” deals with Welch myth about death and religious fanatics. Even before finishing this movie, I gave it three and a half howls of pleasure .

Lastly, I braved opening weekend crowds and went to “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest.” This movie was great and lived up to the reputation of the first “Pirates.” There is only one problem I have with the movie: the ending. It comes along without warning, but has a nice twist. I understand why the end was the way it was--it was the movie makers way of insuring that viewers go to see the third installment, “Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End,” when it is released in 2007. I know, without a doubt, that I will be there. I gave “Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest” four howls of pleasure .

Well that’s it for this month, and I only have two final things to say before I turn things over. One: be sure to stick around after the credits, and unfortunately there is about a mile of them, to see the extra scene at the end of “Pirates.” Two: I must give credit to all of you. After being forced from the balcony due to the crowds, I just don’t understand how you do it movie after movie, sitting down there in the regular seats all the time instead of up in the balcony. Anyway, this is Balcony Betty, signing off 'til next month.

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