Back to Start by Ellen Lynch


Back to Start
By: Ellen Lynch

Trickle trickle
slowly now
slipping into
don't know how

Digging digging
'til it's out
things that should
be done without

Sensing that
the time was near
fasting after
having fear.

Sifting through
my darkest hours
building light
in empty towers.

Taken shaken
memories found
questions answered
hope is drowned.

This is how
this is why
the choice is ours
to give
to try...

Lasting through
this climb
so steep
is showing faith
to take that leap.

Back to start
and underway
this life is what
we make today.

About the Author

Ellen Lynch is a single mother who writes poetry in an attempt to set free her emotions. In verse she is able to speak of the heartache, loss and pain she has experienced in recent years. Her poems are frequently thought provoking and although often melancholy in nature, she still manages to display an underlying strength of spirit in her work.
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