Queen of the Westerlands Part VIII By: Terry D. Scheerer


Queen of the Westerlands
By: Terry D. Scheerer

Barker nodded. “With minor variations. Some were close enough to the fog to claim they heard high pitched squeals coming from within the cloud, sounding much like a pack of huge rats. Others said they heard strange laughter and harsh barking coming from it.” He shrugged his shoulders. “They all confirmed it killed everything it touched.”

Humphrey leaned back and removed his hat, then run fingers through his dark hair. “And no word since then?”

“I know of naught who would return to see more and no one else has admitted to being there.” Barker glanced up the stairs, then back to Humphrey. “But ye have problems of yer own to see to, I’ll wager.”

Humphrey looked to the top of the stairs as well and saw Bruce on the landing. He almost told the squire to return to the princess, but then saw her peeking around a corner of the landing. He smiled sadly and waved them both down. “Come ahead; it is all clear.”

Bruce led the way downstairs, holding Isabelle’s hand to guide her. “They left without any problem?” he asked.

Barker rose and moved to the foot of the staircase. “Aye,” Humphrey said, “and we have Master Barker to thank for it.”

Bruce descended and Isabelle followed, smiling at Barker as she reached the floor. Barker gave a slight bow, then straightened. “And this would be Princess Isabelle,” he said.

To be continued…

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