The End: Story Two - To Home, From Hell By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
To Home, From Hell
By: David K. Montoya

I grabbed Renee’s hand and took off as fast as I could, running out of the duck pond. We crossed a small road that divided the park into two sections, which stretched from the main street and stopped a few blocks down from the library. Reaching the second half of the park, I saw that the other four were only a few yards from where Renee and I were. While crossing the main section of the grounds, Renee tripped and fell to the ground writhing in pain, holding her ankle.

Turning back toward Renee, I told her that she had to get up if we were to get out of there alive! Renee told me to go on without her. She had seriously hurt her ankle and would not be able to walk, let alone run on it. I tossed the shotgun over my shoulder and hoisted her up into my arms. She looked into my eyes with surprise. I asked her if she really thought that I would leave her there alone to die.

I weaved in and out between the park’s giant trees, trying to catch up with the others who were in the process of crossing the street.

Those monsters were hot on my heels as I ran past the last tree and was almost to the street when I felt a slight tug on my shirt. Looking over to see what it was; I saw that an Unlucky had hold of me.

Before I could say anything, Renee took the shotgun from my shoulder and fired the weapon, hitting the creature in the chest and he was knocked off his feet.

As I stared across the street, I saw that Richard, Michael, Rose, and the professor were running up a set of stairs that looked to lead inside an old school building. Without looking back, I darted across the street. I knew that the Unluckys were closing in on me from the several warnings from Renee. She was able to see what was behind us and took advantage of that.

Even though I had reached the other side of the street, I did not slow down. I continued to run all the way up the long stairwell until I arrived at the building’s entrance door where the others were waiting for us. Speeding through the doorway into the school building, the professor quickly locked the entrance behind us once we were all safely inside the complex.

I gently lowered Renee to her feet until she was standing in front of me. I gave her a smile once I knew she was going to be all right. As I started to move away, she stopped me by grabbing my arm. I tuned back toward her to see what she wanted. Once I was fully facing her she reached up, wrapped her arms around my neck and gave me a very long heartfelt kiss. As I went to move away, I felt her hand slide up my neck and to the back of my head to hold me in place. I could feel her rapid pulse as I caressed her jaw line down to her neck. With each moment that passed the kiss became more intense, with biting, grasping and finally, the exploration of our mouths with each other’s tongue.

Finally, slowly, we pulled away from each other. She looked back into my eyes and in a soft voice said, "Thank you for saving my life." Then she leaned in and placed a quick, small peck on my lips before having Rose help her move over to the steps where she could sit down.

I looked around the building, I saw mold and different kinds of crust covering the discolored brick walls. Moving closer to get a better look, I found that the level above us had a water leak which ran down the stone, causing the mildew and other fungus to grow.

I looked out the window and was completely stunned by what I saw. Directly outside sat an old school bus! I called the others over to the window. I told everyone that I was going to get the bus and pull it around to the front. Michael said that he was going to go with me, but I told him that he had to stay here with the others and that if anything happened to me it would be his job to guide everyone to Haven. I gave my son a tight hug and reassured him that I was going to be okay, before I headed back outside armed only with my shotgun.

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