The End: Story Two - To Home, From Hell By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
To Home, From Hell
By: David K. Montoya

I got down on my hands and knees to look underneath the SUV, but it was too dark to see anything, so I got on my back and inched myself under the vehicle. I continued to clutch the shotgun in my left hand. If something tried to sneak up on me, I would be able to protect myself without having to stand up.

Once I was completely beneath the SUV I was able to see the problem; the entire fuel line was missing! The gas had poured right from the gas tank without any of us knowing about it. I'm not sure where we lost it exactly; it might have been ripped out when we busted through either barrier walls or possibly after crashing through hundreds of Unluckys.

Climbing from out underneath the SUV, I called for everyone to get out. Once they did, I explained to them that the fuel line was missing and without that the vehicle had became utterly useless. I walked over to the SUV, reached inside and grabbed a box of shells. I sat my shotgun down on the seat while I loaded the revolver that I had taken from the Professor earlier. After fully loading the weapon, I gave it back, thanking him. I told him he was going to need it if we were to travel by foot.

Renee then grasped the realization that we were all trapped in Corpseland. She began to panic, saying that we needed to go back out into the open to look for the missing fuel line. I told her that would be committing suicide; there was no way any of us would make it with what little ammo we had on us. After hearing that news, Rose held her face and began to sob uncontrollably as she slid down the side of the blood-covered SUV. Renee went over and wrapped her arms around her and started to weep with my sister.

Before I could tell the two of them to pull themselves together, Richard cried out that the Unluckys were coming! I grabbed Rose by the arm, pulled her up and held her until she was able to stand on her own. I took one of my old handguns out from the back of the SUV and gave it to my sister, placing it in her shaking hands. I told her that she was not going to die; not that day.

I then reached back inside the SUV and I grabbed my shotgun. I knew that there was only one package of shells left, so I needed to use them as sparingly as I possibly could.

The group of Unluckys came around the a corner of a building located directly behind the library. I yelled out for everyone to run, hoping we could get a lengthy head start on the creatures, but it was no good; they had caught our scent.

Fully aware that we could not beat them with bullets, all of us took off running down the back street, trying to outrun them. Going as fast as my legs would allow me to, I ran past an open fence and a few steps later I slipped and found myself underwater. I felt a hand slide under my arm and with a gentle tug, I came up from the water. There, staring back at me was Renee; she must have been right behind me. Getting back to my feet, I looked around and realized that we were standing in the center of an old duck pond.

The sound of the Unluckys was becoming louder with each passing moment. I was trying to regain my balance on a three-tiered fountain that was once the centerpiece of the pond. I glanced over my shoulder to see that the group was now an army of those beasts.

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