The End: Story Two - To Home, From Hell By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
To Home, From Hell
By: David K. Montoya

As I struggled to reach my weapon, I heard the Professor calling my name. I glanced into the rear view mirror and saw that he was trying to hand me his handgun. Reaching over my shoulder I attempted to grab it, even as I felt that the monster was squeezing tighter. Finally I touched the barrel with my fingertips and stretching back with one last effort, I was able to grasp the gun.

Unable to see, I aimed blindly at the windshield and fired a single round, which caused what was left of the glass to shatter and rain down onto the wedge of the dashboard. The creature’s hands fell lifelessly away from my throat allowing me to breathe more freely. Before I could push the body from the SUV, it was pulled from the vehicle by other Unluckys. The creatures wasted no time ripping the demon open to begin feeding on its insides.

Finally, Mike said that he had found an open part of the road. Shifting the wheel to the left, we turned onto the deserted road and quickly accelerated, moving farther away from those demons. We sped down the old road gaining speed and hitting anything that got in out way; other cars, fences and bodies--living or dead. The tires squealed with each turn as we moved deeper into the city.

Looking through the slot in the back of the rear window, I saw that the Unluckys were only yards away from us and they were moving in on us quickly. They were so close I could look into those faces. They looked more human than any of the others we had encountered thus far. They still were wearing clothes, but I knew that they weren’t freshly turned Unluckys by the way their faces looked; pale white skin with patches decaying from the sickness. I pondered whether they were indeed hybrids.

I watched as they got closer to us, even as Michael continued to push the SUV to its limits. Finally reaching a clear stretch of road, he got the vehicle up to sixty miles an hour and we drew away from the beasts.

Richard came back inside and said that we appeared to be in the clear. Moving faster down a back road, I saw another wooden barrier. It did not look very frail and I started to worry about how much more abuse the SUV could take before falling apart.

Moments later Mike yelled out to everyone to, "Hold on." Slamming into the wooden barricade dead on, we surprisingly busted through it with ease. I was overwhelmed with a sense of safety as we drove away from the destroyed barrier, but that feeling soon faded as after traveling only about a mile, the SUV started to sputter and backfire.

We only went a few more blocks before the engine completely died. With what little momentum we had left, we were able to coast a couple more yards before coming to a stop in front of an old library. I asked Michael what had happened? He explained that the gas gauge read empty! Somehow we were out of gas, even though he and the Professor refueled in Sunnyside.

I knew that something had to be done before the Unluckys tracked us down. I snatched the shotgun off the dashboard and loaded a few shells into it. I told everyone to stay inside, no matter what happened, unless told otherwise by me. I opened the door and scanned the area for any unwanted visitors. Once the door was closed behind me, I heard someone click the locks, preventing anything from getting inside.

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