The End: Story Two - To Home, From Hell By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
To Home, From Hell
By: David K. Montoya

We began to draw our weapons and fire at those monsters through the small slot holes that were cut in the metal panels. Killing them was almost too easy. All I had to do was simply pull the trigger; no aiming was required because there were so many of them.

I felt our momentum slowly decreasing, but I encouraged Mike to keep going. Gun shots rang out across the SUV. At one point it was entirely covered in the dark tarry blood of the Unluckys.

A few moments later, we came to a sudden halt. Michael whipped around and shouted that they had us at an utter standstill. The creatures began ramming the vehicle, causing it to sway from side to side. As the force intensified the vehicle began to rock violently back and forth.

I realized that those demons were trying to tip us over! How was that even possible? That would require a higher cognitive level than any of the Unluckys could possibly have. Then my mind shifted back to a few days ago, when Richard had told me about how the 'Sickness' had mutated and created new hybrids.

I was about to asked Richard about that, when he pulled open the moon roof and squeezed his entire upper body through the small opening. I heard countless shots being fired from up top, and I yelled to see if he was all right. He only replied with more gun shots. Beginning to feel helpless I told Michael to try and get us out of there! I heard the engine roar and we shook a bit, but once again we came to a complete stop. Turning toward me with a heavy sigh, Mike told me it was no good.

We all sat there in silence for a moment; I could sense that everyone’s hope was fading fast. We could hear the howls and the hissing of the Unluckys. Then, without warning, everything went quiet. I knew that they were still out there; I saw them through the window standing next to us. It almost appeared if they were listening to something.

Then the noise started up again and they begin to ram the SUV once more, causing the vehicle to shift back and forth, but this time with more force! The gunshots from Richard commenced once again. We could hear him yelling that we needed to do something, because he was running out of ammunition.

And then it came to me--I had an idea!

I told Michael to throw it into reverse, and if we could get a few feet of opening to then hit the accelerator. He did just that. As soon as we began to go backwards I could hear bodies of the Unluckys hitting the frame of the vehicle. Then, without warning, Mike punched the gas and we jerked forward.

Slowly we made our way over the bodies with new found hope and we continued to unload rounds on those demonic creatures. I wondered if we were ever going to reach asphalt, as we bounced over the corpses. Blood spewed all over the front windshield panel as we neared the end of the group of Unluckys.

Before we could get the windshield cleaned off, a bloodied arm crashed through the glass and latched onto me by the throat. Michael tried to pull the beast's claws away, but I told him I would be all right and for him to focus on the road. I tried to grab the shotgun that was sitting on the dashboard when a second hand came through and began to strangle me!

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