Dwindling Candles by Jeff R.Young


Dwindling Candles
By: Jeff R.Young

A match is struck, and the candle burns slow,
Its flickering light casts a soft reddish glow.
A haunting luminosity circles this place,
Casting lively shadows across my weathered face.

Too soon does the candle start its weeping,
The heat of the moment creates the seeping.
When its delicate body has nothing left to cry,
It has served its purpose, if only to die.

My love for you burns just like this fire,
A life of its own radiates deep desire.
These feelings I have with no wish to tame,
For without you, my heart has no name.

You are an implement of my heart's capture,
Your physical touch is my path to rapture.
In your loving eyes, I see feelings reflected,
Proof that our souls remain forever connected.

In dwindling candles no serenity is found;
Stillness only comes when you are around.
I set my breath to flame and all disappears,
And as the light slips away, so do my fears.

About the Author

Jeff R.Young lives in southern Wisconsin with his daughter and fiance, where he writes poetry as a hobby, while working on his first novel. You may learn more about Mr. Young and his writing by visiting him at
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