Blow My Mind by Jennifer Caress


Blow My Mind
By: Jennifer Caress

Blow my mind
Spoon out the waste
Chew me down
Drink the wine
From this mind
To better swallow this tender matter

Never mind the scars
There are enough on me already
That the new ones
Won’t ever be lonely

Blow my mind

Cut out the soul
She’s too old to travel alone
Carry her close
Cradle her hard
Sew together the pieces
So nobody can see
There is something
Missing from me.

About the Author

Jennifer Caress was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado. She started out writing poetry and songs as a means of therapy, but found short stories to exercise her imagination far better. When she isn't writing, she is watching B- horror and sci-fi movies late into the night with her husband and four animal-children.

Her first novel, "Perverted Realities" was published by Stonegarden (, and can be purchased at,, or specially ordered from your local bookstore.

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