A Fatherís Walk by Kevin Adams


A Fatherís Walk
By: Kevin Adams

A full moon shone gently upon the ocean water,
I for once, followed in the footsteps of my daughter.

Little laughter echoed across the silent night,
Small footprints scampered in the moonlight.

As she runs and giggles, her blonde hair is flowing,
Tender moon beams have her tiny locks glowing.

"Chase me, Daddy," she happily squealed while running in the sand,
And when I do catch her, I hug her and hold her little hand.

And I will embrace it as long as I can possibly hold,
Always hoping her love for me will never grow old.

After she came into my life is when I truly began to live,
She will always have all the love I can ever give.

I know some day she will leave me and that will be my end,
But I will always have the memories of my very best friend.

I love her so much, for she is a part of me,
She always has been, and always will be.

About the Author

An Indiana native, Kevin Adams was the coauthor of the novel, "Black Rising," working along with Steve Bolin. Kevin has studied Isshinryu karate for four years, and provided insights on the martial arts aspect of "Black Rising." He is happily married, and when not working as an automotive service consultant, enjoys spoiling his daughter. The book which Kevin was coauthor of is available at:
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