The End: Story Two - Prelude to the Darkness By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
Prelude to the Darkness
By: David K. Montoya

We all once again piled into the SUV, but it had a different feeling inside. It was dark and very hot, enough though I could feel the cool air coming from the air conditioning vents. I checked the gas gauge, which read that we were full--Mike must have topped off the tank earlier. I knew we could go about one hundred eighty miles on the amount of gas we had. Even though we were averaging around twenty-five miles to the gallon, because the air conditioning was on, I knew our average would drop to about eighteen miles a gallon. But we would be out of Corpseland by then, and besides, we still had a full drum of gas tucked away in the back of the SUV.

In a matter of seconds the inside of the vehicle was nice and cool. I leaned over and took a glance at the gauges; they looked good and nothing was overheating. I told Michael to get back on the interstate and follow it straight up until we hit Ely, the heart of Corpseland.

He gave me a smile and told me everything would be all right, and I knew it would be. My son was completely capable of handling matters behind the wheel. Feeling quite relaxed, I leaned back into my seat, allowing the cold air to blow on my face. With one last thought, I told Mike to wake me once we got there.

To be continued…

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