The End: Story Two - Prelude to the Darkness By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
Prelude to the Darkness
By: David K. Montoya

Maybe it would be for the best--I had become tired and my determination had slowly started to dissipate. For the first time, I truly felt alone. Even though there were people around me, I was by myself. Everyone kept to themselves and patronized me, just to keep me happy.

Guess it would be fitting if I was to change into an Unlucky survivor. To be truthful, I would be glad when it ended and was completely finished. I hoped we would be in Haven by then, because without me, I didnít think they could work together to make it there.

My thoughts ran away from me, as I pondered on what things would be like if I were to die before reaching Haven. A feel of dread came over me as I fully realized that it was my responsibility to get them there. I knew that time was not on my side, though I wondered why Richardís transformation happened much quicker than my own.

Just about that time, the Professor came up to me. He told me to go get some rest, that he would stand watch for a while, at least until one of the others got up. I tried to tell him that I was fine and for him to go back to sleep, but the only thing that came out of my mouth was, "ÖAll right. "

As I walked over to where he had been sleeping, I told the Professor that in the morning I was going to try and drive straight through, until we were all the way out of Corpseland. He agreed that would be a good, as well as a safe idea, but we needed to do something with the broken glass on the SUV. Whoever was sitting next to the window would be vulnerable to an attack by Unluckys.

I told him that we would take a look at it in the morning, as I adjusted myself into the sleeping bag. 'It was quite comfortable,' was my last thought before I fell fast asleep.


That morning when I woke up, the first thing I noticed was that I was alone. Putting my boots on as fast as I could, I hurried away from the site to see if I could find the others. Only a few steps into the brush, I stopped dead in my tracks when a thought came to me.

Slowly I turned around to face the campsite. As I did, my stomach turned into a knot when I realized that the SUV was gone ! Walking up to were it had been parked, I saw the tire tracks leading away from the camp. Feeling abandoned and somewhat overwhelmed, I lowered myself to the ground until I was sitting next to the tracks.

I couldnít believe that they had left without me. My thoughts moved to how I had been behaving of late. Was it so bad that my own family would abandon me out here alone, in Corpseland? I wondered if it was because Renee told everyone that I was changing, and out of fear, they all deserted me.

Getting back to my feet, I slowly started my way up the path, following the mud tracks on the concrete left by the SUVís tires. The tracks were dry with no moisture in the clumps, which meant they had left some time ago. As I walked along the trail, my thoughts shifted from abandonment to possible abduction.

What if they were forced to leave the campsite? But why didnít I hear anything? Perhaps, I was so deeply asleep that I slept through the entire thing! After all, I have been known to sleep through several earthquakes, and even one tornado, when I was younger and living in the south.

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