Alone by 'The Gurl of Myth' Rebecca C. Lofgren


By: 'The Gurl of Myth' Rebecca C. Lofgren

I can't take it--the voices they are here; they are always here.
I can't seem to shake the many faces always watching.
I don't know what they want from me, but they're always calling.
They stalk me in my sleep, and the woman appears in my mirror calling my name.
I have no phone line to call for help, but my brother should be showing up soon.
The small demon is always crying and screaming at me to leave this house.
But I'm going nowhere, my brother should be back soon with the doctor,
even though my fever has completely passed.
He's been gone a long time and he was pretty sick when he left--he couldn't have.
No, no way; he'll definitely show up soon.
They want me to leave but I'll never go--he'll come soon, I know he will.

About the Author

RCL unveils yet another talent, as she brings forth her brand of mystical and surreal poems.
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