The End: Story Two - Welcome to Corpseland By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
Welcome to Corpseland
By: David K. Montoya

I went over and sat down next to Michael and asked if he wanted to talk about what was on his mind. I was quite sure he was thinking about Maria and Tina, but he shook his head, 'No'. I began to get back to my feet, but Mike stopped me and asked why I hadn't killed Richard?

Lowering myself back down beside him, I explained that if I had taken his uncle's life, it would have been a waste of the antidote. I knew that he wouldn’t understand the logic of it, but I tried to explain anyway. I told my son that Rich would get what he deserved in the end.

He didn't say anything after that, but turned his back to me. I patted him on his shoulder as I got back to my feet. I told everyone that we should be turning in; there was a long day ahead of us. The professor volunteered to do the night watch, which would allow me to rest for the drive tomorrow. I told him to go ahead and sleep, as I had a lot on my mind that was going to keep me awake all night.

Soon afterward, everyone was fast asleep but me. I walked around the area a few times. I could not figure out why the Unluckys were not occupying the park. What was it that was keeping them away?

As I moved along the perimeter, still worrying about what the answer could be, I heard a noise from the back of the woods. Coming to a stop, I heard the sound again, but this time it was more clear. Even though I was not fully certain, I thought it sounded like the hissing of an Unlucky.

I walked deeper into the park with my rifle ready for anything that might come my way. What I came upon utterly horrified me. There was a female Unlucky with five or six other creatures standing around her. I went in for a closer look and discovered that the female was pregnant!
to be continued . . .

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