The End: Story Two - Welcome to Corpseland By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
Welcome to Corpseland
By: David K. Montoya

About fifteen minutes later we pulled up to a park that was located in front of the dam. I told everyone to stay inside, while I went out and made sure that the area was safe. Grabbing the small AK-47, I got out and made my way around the SUV. Walking past the front of the vehicle I noticed that there were still body parts which belonged to Unluckys impaled on the spear. I thought to myself that would be the first thing I would attend to when I got back, but for now that would have to wait as I made my way into the park.

While walking around, I was pleasantly surprised to find that most of the green was still there. All of the trees looked healthy and were in full bloom, which would give us plenty of shade from the desert's summer sun. The grass looked to be in good shape as well, but was in serious need of a lawn mower. The best part was, it seemed that there were no Unluckys in sight.

Going a bit farther into the park, I stopped to examine my bite from the other day. It was scabbing over and there did not seem to be any sign of infection, but it still hurt like hell. I had been hoping that the pain would have gone away by now. I began thinking about the sickness, and how life would be for me if I were to, in fact, turn into an Unlucky. Would I remember anything at all? Or, would the only thought in my head be how I could get my next meal? That gave me chills up my spine, because I knew I was changing into something.

When my name was called out from behind, I turned to find Renee standing not too far from me. She stood there for a moment with a confused look on her face, then she walked over to me. I asked her what she was doing out of the SUV. The young woman gave me a half smile and explained that I had been out for a while, and Michael had become worried about me. She had volunteered to come and check on me.

Then she stopped and looked at my wound. Right away Renee knew what it was, and asked how long it had been since I was bitten. I told her it had happened back at the trailer in Airepseh, during the fight with the men who had taken us captive. Near the end of the fight a pack of Unluckys had shown up and I was attacked by one of them.

With a heavy sigh, Renee asked me when I was going to tell everyone. She said that the changes were already happening within me, and that she had been wondering what was going on from as far back as when we first arrived at Palace City. I told her that it would not be a wise decision to make my problem known, and that I was hoping to reach Haven before the conversion was complete.

Without notice, she stopped talking and pressed her lips to mine. Slowly backing away, Renee told me that she owed me her life and that she would do anything possible to help save me. All I could do was thank her, even though I believed that there was no hope for me.

We stood there beneath the shade of a tree without speaking. Something was happening. As I stood there gazing into her eyes, the both of us came closer and closer together until our lips met again. Then it all became clear to me. She was just grateful to me for saving her life back in Airepseh and was trying to make it up to me, one way or the other. I didn't want to use her, so I pulled away and began to head back to the SUV. I told her that we needed to get back to the others.

The sun was setting as evening drew near, and we all decided to make camp there at the park. I moved the vehicle under one of the large trees and opened the back of the SUV, allowing us to get out what would be needed. As I sat there looking around, I noticed that everyone was spaced apart and that each one was doing their own thing.

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