The End: Story Two - Welcome to Corpseland By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
Welcome to Corpseland
By: David K. Montoya

As the bloody pile of flesh came to a complete stop, three other Unluckys appeared from nowhere and quickly began to feed on it. They tore sheets of loose skin away from the dead body and stuffed handfuls into their mouths. Within seconds the corpse was half eaten, but shortly after that I could no longer see anything in the mirror.

Before I knew it, we were surrounded by Unluckys, each one making their own attempt to get inside. But I continued on--the demons in front of me were impaled with the last of the makeshift spears. The ones that were missed by the stake were run over.

Michael traded places with Renee, so he could shoot at the Unluckys. He placed the barrel of the gun out the opening in the back window, which was caused by the first creature, and started firing at the cannibalistic mob that followed behind.

As soon as one would get close enough, Mike would fire a shot into their head, which showered the others with a blood-covered substance, causing them to stop for a moment to indulge in the remains that scattered the area. That would allow my son the opportunity to reload his weapon.

One of the Unluckys was able to shatter the back passengerís window and started to make its way inside the vehicle. I remembered that the Professor said he had an extra clip to the handgun in his pocket, so I pulled out the pistol that I had on me and reached back, giving it to the older man.

He was able to load the clip into the weapon and fired an entire magazine into the demonís chest. No sooner did he push the dead body out of the SUV, but another one was right there trying to get in.

The old man attempted to fire the gun at the unlucky and quickly realized that the clip was empty! He cried for more bullets, but I told him that I didn't have any! The monster was halfway inside by that point, swinging at the Professor. I noticed that its last swipe cut the side of his face.

Rose and Renee joined in on trying to push the Unlucky off of the Professor, but they were unable to get it off of the older man. Finally, to my surprise a gun shot rang out. I glanced over my shoulder and saw the beast was dead on top of him.

I at first thought that the gunshot came from Michael, but it was Richard who was holding the pistol. Rich told the Professor that he had saved his life with the cure, and now he returned the favor. I scanned around, tying to figure out where my brother could have gotten the weapon; the only place had to have been the black backpack that was sitting on the floorboard, next to his leg.

I made a mental note to myself that I needed to investigate what was inside that pack, but the time was not now. Even though I was quite uncomfortable with the fact that Richard had a gun, on the same note he could have shot any one of us since letting him back inside the SUV.

Finally having a clearance, I punched the accelerator and sped away from the crowd of Unluckys. Once I felt we were safe, I told everyone that our next stop would be at the Hoover Dam. Once there, all of us could get out and stretch, while I gave the vehicle a look over.


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