The End: Story Two - Welcome to Corpseland By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
Welcome to Corpseland
By: David K. Montoya

I untied Rich from the hood of the SUV and before I could say anything else, he quickly leaped off and got inside. I stood out there for a little while longer; the rain hitting my face helped against the desert heat.

I looked back into the vehicle and saw everyone staring at me. Each one had a different story about me in their eyes; some of fear, and others of worry. What was wrong with me? At that moment I could physically feel a shift in my demeanor, as the hatred and anger faded away and was replaced with sorrow.

I eventually made my way back into the driverís seat. My guilt about my behavior was too strong, and I was unable to say anything to anyone, so I put the vehicle back into motion and we were on our way, once again.


We were now deep inside the border of Corpseland, and much to my surprise, none of us had seen a single unlucky. There were plenty of bones scattered around which indicated that they had once been here, but now there was nothing.

Everything was destroyed; all of the homes that were in this area were now rubble. My grandfather used to live here, back when it was known as Boulder City. When I was a child, my family and I would go out to visit for the summer. I used to be amazed at how white the sand was, back then; at times it looked like snow had fallen in the middle of the desert.

That was a long time ago, though. The ground was no longer snow-white; it was now a deep brown. It turned that color by absorbing the immeasurable amounts of dark, tarry blood from the Unluckys. When the sickness first hit, it had swept the community like a wildfire; it was largely a senior population. The elders quickly turned into blood lusting creatures and began the destruction of their city.

Within the first few days, more than ten thousand residents of Boulder City had been savagely killed by the Unluckys. By the end of that first week there were no normal humans alive--the town had completely been overturned.

While we were driving up the road, I saw a longhorn ram--it was breathtaking! It stood upon a hillside looking down at us, but just as fast as the animal appeared, it was gone. I drove a bit faster, trying to search the grounds in an attempt to see where the creature went.

Having my eyes away from the road, suddenly my attention was brought back to what was in front of me, as I realized that I hit something! We all found out exactly what was run over when an Unlucky drove its fist through the back windshield, clutching Renee by the throat.

Everyone was screaming in terror, while I was screaming for Rose to hand me my sawed off shotgun! Finally Michael climbed into the back and grabbed the weapon that was underneath the seat. Just as the Unlucky put his head inside and gave Renee a spine chilling hiss, Mike placed the barrel of the gun to the creature's forehead and pulled the trigger.

Blood and brain matter went everywhere as the shot went through its head. The monster went limp and Renee shoved it back out onto the street. I looked into the rear view mirror and saw the unlucky land on the asphalt, causing its deformed skin to be torn away from the muscle.

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