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Hey, gang, it's Reaper Rick, back at you with the review of a couple of recent DVD releases. Time's a wasting, so let's get going!

Now, I'm not much of one for video 'Game Playing,' so when "Doom" (the movie) came out, I had no preconceived impressions about what the movie would be like. (For those of you not aware, the movie was based on a very popular video game, by the same name). But, when I saw the previews, and saw that it starred The Rock, I figured I had to see it. And, I was not disappointed.

The movie takes place, for the most part, at an archaeological dig discovered on Mars, where humanoid remains of a long dead civilization were found. Already cool, eh? I don't want to spoil this flick for any who have yet to see it, but I have to give you some information. "Doom" gives a new angle to zombie movies, in that the creatures are created by the addition of an added human chromosome, which 'may' make the person in question nearly superhuman, or might turn them into a blood thirsty, mindless killer. More cool!

There are lots of great, dark, spooky sections (the whole movie takes place in an underground research center), with a few good frights and some really good special effects, along with a 'Great' fight sequence at the end with The Rock--but I don't want to give it all away. If you enjoy sci-fi and horror mixes (like the Alien and Predator movies, with zombies mixed in) and great special effects, then this is a must see flick. Lots of action, suspense, big guns and blood splatter, with a bit of a twist ending (which is always good).

I give "Doom" Three and Half Howls of scary Pleasure .

Another fantasy movie on DVD is Peter Jackson's remake of "King Kong." I didn't go see this movie when it came out, because I already knew the story line, and I figured, 'What else can you do with a classic movie that wasn't already done in several earlier remakes?' I neglected to take into account, however, Peter Jackson's genius as a film maker and director, and now kick myself (several times) for Not seeing this movie on the big screen when I had the chance.

Aside from Peter Jackson directing this movie, Naomi Watts and Adrien Brody help to make it worth watching. But the real star is, of course, Kong; and what a star he is! Special effects have come a long way from the first 'King Kong' (which was, in its own time, an amazing movie), but this Kong was truly Amazing, as were the rest of the special effect animals and other creatures in the movie. Some of the sequences were So amazing, it was really hard to believe they were not filmed with living creatures.

Granted, the movie was quite long, and in my opinion, the love interest between Kong and Naomi Watts was a bit over done, but aside from that, the movie was an amazing feat of film making The end sequence with Kong up on the Empire State building, battling the biplanes was also excellently done. So, for special effects and great film making, I would give this movie a really high rating, but it was taken down a few notches by Jack Black and his portrayal of a selfish and self motivated movie maker, as well as the overblown love interest between Kong and Watts.

Sadly, although I would like to give "King Kong" a higher rating, I can only give it Three Howls of Pleasure . However, I highly recommend it as a visual masterpiece of film making, so if you haven't seen this movie, it is well worth the price of a rental, but should really be seen on the big screen. (Kick yourself, here).

Okay, it was short and sweet this month, but it's on to other things, my dears. This is Reaper Rick, signing off for now, but reminding all of you to get out there and view some Good Movies once in a while!

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