Riddle of the Ages by Joshua Dyer


Riddle of the Ages
By: Joshua Dyer

If you knew me
You wouldn't doubt my words
Or question my Prose

If you understood me
Timeless secrets would be revealed
From ages long ago

My tongue is carried
On the Wanderers' soles
And in the Maidens' lockets for token

I hold more keys
In one hand than
The Universe has doors to open

My name is known
To all to whom
My torch is lit

I am Legacy
I am Legend
I am Myth

About the Author

Joshua Dyer has worked as a record producer, a studio musician, and he also ran his own talent agency--all this while living in Nashville. He now resides in the hills of West Virginia, with his family, where he is putting the finishing touches on a novel, "Shaygan," which should see publication in March, 2006. He has previously had short stories published in "Dark Moon Rising," and has also penned sci-fi film scripts, as well as collections of poetry, and is working on sequels to his current novel.
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