Promises by Kevin Adams


By: Kevin Adams

Two warriors met in a field prepared for death

Each was an expert in his craft–Fighting.
Both men drew their weapons slowly and silently; shortly after fierce combat began.
They had brought their passion with them, each fought with great skill.
One finally spoke to the other, “I promise to beat you today.”
Unshaken, his opponent only answered with a savage volley of attacks.
Swords clashed and sang the verses of battle.
Neither had gained the edge for several minutes, each warrior seemed frustrated.
Fights never lasted this long against other opponents.
Finally, they were locked in what seemed like the deciding move.
Tugging came at the pant leg of the warrior who had spoken earlier.
Stern was the voice that answered, “What is it?”
Frightened the reply came, small and young was the voice.
“Father, when you are done here, will you come to play?”
Neither warrior would flinch or give up his position.
Sneering at each other they finally broke apart,
“Go home son, I’ll come home if I can.”
“Remember you promised.”
Small innocent words rang in his ears.
Never taking his eyes off of his opponent, he knew his son had left.
Sheathing his sword he fell to his knees and spoke once more to his challenger,
“If you wish to win, do so, I will not fight any longer. I have another promise to keep.”
Slowly, the other warrior withdrew his sword and turned away to leave.
Dumfounded, the looser asked, “Don’t you wish to win?”
Unexpectedly, the most unlikely answer came from the victor.
“I made that same promise to my daughter this morning.”

Two fathers left from a field prepared for life.

About the Author

An Indiana native, Kevin Adams was the coauthor of the novel, "Black Rising," working along with Steve Bolin. Kevin has studied Isshinryu karate for four years, and provided insights on the martial arts aspect of "Black Rising." He is happily married, and when not working as an automotive service consultant, enjoys spoiling his daughter. The book which Kevin was coauthor of is available at:
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