LIVING by Randolph “Caveman” Lofgren


By: Randolph “Caveman” Lofgren

I said everything's going to be all right,
Because everything is out of sight.
Might just be some delight.
Don't be a fright.
I said everything is going to be all right,
No need to worry--no need to shout.
Everybody's in a hurry,
No need for that shit.
Just another day;
Time for you to say,
There's got to be another way.
I'm not going to worry,
I'm not in any hurry.
There will be another day,
Some way and Hey, if not, no worry.
We are who we are,
No changing this.
Make what you will,
Out of everything.
You'll be all right,
'Till you're out of sight.

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Randolph "Caveman" Lofgren-
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