..Welcome to the 20th issue of The World of Myth! Look at the new items that we have for you this month..check out the new stories, artwork and poems..........We give you what you want here at the..."The World Of" !...

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  • Welcome To The World Of Myth

    Be Well Come to another *Big* issue of "The World of Myth." We have really packed this issue with new contributors, along with a number of our returning members, who all offer up their stories, poems and art work--not to mention some other great features for your enjoyment.

    In the short story section, Brad Grochoski returns with Part One of another unusual story from his book, "The Secret Weakness of Dragons," while Steve Bolin offers an 'underground' tale depicting his worst nightmare (and we want to congratulate Steve on the release of his new novel, "Black Rising"--see below for details), David K. Montoya begins Part Two of "The End," and "Queen of the Westerlands" returns with Chapter 5 of that ongoing series. We also want to welcome a new member to our group, Janet Durbin, who not only offers up a short story for your reading pleasure, but also consented to be interviewed this month, and talked to us about her two published novels, as well as other aspects of her life.

    The poetry section is full, and we welcome several more new members to "The World of Myth" this month, all of whom offer up an eclectic assortment of their poetic thoughts. Saranna DeWylde, Randolph Lofgren, Kevin Adams (who is coauthor of the novel, "Black Rising"), and Joshua Dyer (congrats to Josh for the release of his new novel, "Shaygan"--again, see below for details) join our regular poetry contributors, L.M. Mercer, Rebecca Lofgren and Kevin Magnus this issue.

    In the Art Department, new contributor Mike Paglia joins Jessica Rinaldo, Rebecca Lofgren and David K. Montoya with new art work, and in the Creative Youth section, six year old Kayli offers some of her thoughts on art, as well.

    In our Interview Section this month, published author Janet Durbin sits down with our Myth Master, to talk about her three novels and how they came about, as well as some personal details of her busy life.

    Our Featured Author this month is prolific fantasy writer Terry Pratchett, and his latest Discworld novel, "Thud!" is reviewed in the Book Review section.

    Congratulations go out to Jessica Rinaldo, who garnered the Member of the Month voting award for March. It has been some time since an artist won the MOM honors, so everyone give her a Big hand!

    And, if we haven't worn you out, yet, stop by to read our Movie Reviews and the Month in Myth.

    Publication Notices: Since we now have so many of our contributors who are becoming Published (or have already been published), we are opening up a new section, wherein we will advise our readers of who is publishing what, and where these books and/or stories might be obtained or viewed. Congratulations to all of these writers, and a special *Thank You,* one and all, for sharing your work with us, here at "The World of Myth!"

    Steve Bolin and Kevin Adams--"Black Rising" This novel may be purchased at:

    Joshua Dyer--"Shaygan" This novel may be purchased at: as well as, and Barnes and

    Brad Grochoski--"The Secret Weakness of Dragons" This book of short stories and 'un'fairy tales may be purchased at:

    Janet Durbin--"After" and "Stolen" These novels may be purchased at: and

    Terry D. Scheerer--"Dreams of Darkness, Dreams of Night" This collection of short stories and poems may be purchased at: "The World of Myth" Myth Mart, as well as and at On a side note, a short story by Mr. Scheerer, entitled 'Call Me,' will soon appear in a new web magazine, "Horrotica." The release of this web zine will be announced, as information becomes available.

    All right! That's about it for this month. Next month we will have a Special Haunted Issue, filled with not only our regular contributors, but also packed with ghost stories, interviews with actual ghost hunters and active paranormal researchers, and all sorts of other things that go 'Bump' in the night. For instance--have you ever wondered how to put together a potent powder that turns a person into a Zombie? We have the recipe. Don't miss it!

    I want to again thank all of our many contributors--the writers, the artists, and especially all of those invisible people behind the scenes who help put this magazine together every month. We have grown quite a bit during the past 20 months (from back when it was just David and myself doing almost 'Everything' on our own), and we expect to continue growing, with Your help! Thanks to all of our readers, as well--without you, "The World of Myth" wouldn't be where it is, today. Many, many 'Thanks' to everyone, and may Blessing be upon you all.


    Terry D. Scheerer
    Editor in Chief

    See why the fun never stops at The World Of!..

    Story of the Month

    Stretching, I curl over and look around the room. I donít see her anywhere. Her glass of tea remains, along with the dirty plate used for her lunch, on the small table beside the chair; but she is nowhere to be seen. The television is still on... Click Here for Janet Durbinís Scared
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