The End: Story One - The Sickness By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
The Sickness
By: David K. Montoya

Her body started trembling, which quickly turned into a full on seizure. I stopped Michael just as he was about to hold her down. My son did not say anything to me. He just looked at me. His eyes started to well with tears and he tried to hold them back, but my son was unable to as he began to cry.

I walked over to Michael and embraced him, as he wept. I tried to comfort him and morn Maria at the same time. I noticed that my own tears were rolling down my face.

Finally after a few minutes the seizures had stopped and the professor came over and checked for a pulse. He shook his head; that there was no life left in her.

Rose came over and wrapped her arms around us and wept as well. We all mourned there next to her for sometime. I recall asking why; why did my little girl have to die?


I buried my daughter there in that desert. We marked her grave with an old guardian angle lamp that used to sit next to her crib, when she was a baby. I stood there fixed on that thing for some time. When I looked around, everyone was already in the SUV, waiting for me.

I told Maria that I loved her and that we would make it to Haven, so that I could honor her memory, somehow. I didn't know what it would be, but I would honor her.

Looking away, I saw that Richard was tied to the hood of the vehicle. He was screaming and cursing. He was lucky that I didn't put a bullet in his brain. Turning my attention to Maria's grave, I reached into my pocket, and pulled out a rose. It was one that I took from Tina's burial place.

I placed it down over where her heart would have been. I thought to myself that she deserved more of a funeral, but that was all I could do for her. Maria was a good girl; smart, kind, and humble.

For the last time I told my little girl that I loved her.

I walked to the SUV and got back into the driver's seat; we all had a long journey ahead of us--as we prepare to travel through Corpseland!

To be continued...

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