The End: Story One - The Sickness By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
The Sickness
By: David K. Montoya

After a few minutes of fumbling through some stuff, I found the box that contained the syringes. I pulled out one and handed it to the Professor, who inserted the needle into the vile and quickly transferred the fluid from one tube to the other.

He walked over to Maria, pulling a handkerchief from his back pocket. As the Professor knelt down beside her, the older man tied the rag around my daughter's arm, to allow him the choice of the best vein to use.

Just as he was about to inject the antidote into Maria, the Professor was attacked from behind by Richard! His movements were a mirror image to an Unlucky's. I ran over and kicked Rich off of him.

Once my brother was in open view, I pulled out my hand gun and aimed directly for his head. But I was unable to fire, because of what he held up in front of him: the antidote! If I were to fire, I would have destroyed the small vile as well.

As I lowered the gun down to my side, I tried to reason with him. I pleaded for him to please hand over the syringe, so that my little girl could live. He stared at me dead on, though he appeared to be an Unlucky, it was still Richard that was looking back at me.

He cracked an evil smile, and I knew that all hope had been lost. Richard slammed the needle into his arm, injecting the cure into his own body! I ran and tackled Rich. Once on top of him, I wrapped my hands around his neck and started to squeeze the life from him.

There was a rush of power and hatred that came over me, as I strangled my younger brother. I could hear my heart race in excitement at the thought of taking another life; I wanted to kill him with my bare hands! Looking down at him, he was returning to normal appearance, which made me clinch his throat tighter, completely cutting the blood flow from to brain, which caused him to fall unconscious.

The only thing that caused me to let go was that I head Maria hacking and gasping for air. I got up from him and walked back over to the Professor, who was lying close to my daughter. I checked him to make sure he was all right.

I asked him if he had another vile for Maria. The old man softly apologized; that was the only one. He had memorized the ingredients, but none of them could have been found in the middle of the desert. If we were to reach Haven in time, he could put together another mixture in no time at all.

I went over and sat next to my daughter; she was deathly white and I could tell that she had lost control over her bodily functions. Maria was getting ready to leave us, and join her aunt Tina.

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