The End: Story One - The Sickness By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story Two
The Sickness
By: David K. Montoya

I rested my head on the steering wheel and began to cry. The Professor tried to console me but that was useless, now that my youngest child was dying from the "sickness".

I didn't know what to think at that point; there was no way of saving her from the illness. She appeared to be in the late stages of the "sickness;" Maria must have had contracted the virus before we even left Appleton. No one had any type of clue about what was happening, not even her!

Staring out the windshield, I could see the others attending to Maria; they stopped and looked down at her with such sorrow. For a moment I could not tell if she was still alive or not? My daughter's convulsions had stopped, and I focused on her abdomen, trying to see if she were still breathing.

Finally, much to my relief, I saw Maria's stomach rise and fall; even though her breaths were shallow, my baby was still breathing.

My attention was brought back inside; Richard was tossing around in the back of the SUV, while he groaned in discomfort. He looked more like an unlucky now; Rich was changing at a rapid rate!

By the next day, I knew he would have converted completely into one of those blood lusting demons. His eyes were orange with yellow irises', and the pupil had completely clouded over with a white mucous. I knew that I would have to tend to him sooner or later, even if I liked it or not.

I turned my attention back to the Professor, because of what I had thought the old man said. I told him that I did not hear him correctly and told him to say it again.

The Professor smiled and said that I heard him correctly, that he had created a cure for the sickness. That was why the Emperor held him captive for all of those years. He intended to save the entire planet with it, with one condition.

He wanted to be made the RULER of the world! But the Professor refused to give up the secret mixture that composed the antidote, and without that he would never gain full control. So the Emperor locked him away in the lower-levels of Palace City.

I asked him if he had ever tested it, the older man grinned and he replied that it had been tested on one person who had contracted the "Sickness."


He removed a small vile that was hanging around his neck, and told me that it had to be injected into the blood stream. I told him that we had syringes that I had gathered before leaving Airepseh--they were located in the back.

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