Under the Sun by Rebecca C. Lofgren


Under the Sun
By: Rebecca C. Lofgren

I lie on the sand, the cool sea breeze brushes my face, I watch the sun touch the reflective blue blanket of water, yet they seem to never collide, the sun slowly disappears beyond the horizon, the little glowing lights begin to appear in the warm summers night sky.

I look up at the full lite moon, the round face starring below upon me, I do indeed realize that summer is gone tomorrow, i must leave this beautiful place where i feel so at home, leave behind the cool crisp waters and head back to the place I am told to belong, I wish I could live among the sea life, i desire to be one of them, i come to my feet and leave my imprint in the sand alone, I wipe the glistening tears from my eyes, turn to take one last look at the barrier between my world and theirs and slowly walk away.

About the Author

RCL unveils yet another talent, as she brings forth her brand of mystical and surreal poems.
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