That Night by Kevin Magnus


That Night
By: Kevin Magnus

I watched a soul ascend to heaven tonight,

if you were here, you would understand the sad sight.

You see, it's my job to deal with this,

as heartless as it may seem, I am but a lone angel and sometimes it's not bliss.

But tonight is different from any other night,

I watched the heartbeat slowly fade away without even a fight.

Hearing the faint cries of the family at the bedside,

they were there to see their mother and wife as she died.

The heart began to stop and her breath became less deeper,

it was my signal to make my move, for I am the REAPER!

Then it was all over, what we knew would happen, did,

and so with that being done, the family leaves; the husband and then the kid.

As the husband walked by, I could see he was holding back tears with all

his might,

believe it or not, I understood his pain as I watched a soul ascend to heaven that night.

About the Author

Kevin Magnus is a new submitter to the site'. He has just recently started writing poetry, and has found a new passion that he never knew was there.
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