Forever Free by RCL


Forever Free

the hardness of the air escaping my lungs
the bearing sun shinning down on me
i must never stop
i can never stop
i must go
i am free i am lonesome
but i am determined
i fly across the luminescent flowers
smelling ever so sweet
guiding me down my path
i go up, up never quitting
soaring over the river seeing my reflection
and the consuming reflection of the sun
i gaze at the feather soft clouds above me
never giving up never stopping
they will not have my freedom they will not conquer me
i can feel my long soft black hair shading my face
these men took away my family and they shall never have me
i am a warrior, a son, a father, protector, but most of all i am a great

About the Author

RCL unveils yet another talent, as she brings forth her brand of mystical and surreal poems.
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What did you think of this poem?
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