A Dragon So Bold By: Terry D. Scheerer


A Dragon So Bold
By: Terry D. Scheerer

A wandering minstrel once sang
a tale about a knight of old,
Who was sent to slay a dragon
which had grown much too bold.
The knight rode forth
with shield and lance,
Intending to slay this dragon,
given half a chance,
As he had done to many
such creatures before,
Not knowing this dragon
had long waited to settle a score.
For he was wise in the ways of men
and knew of their greed,
So he stole away the princess,
whom the king now wanted freed.
Knowing that to save her,
the king would soon send a knight,
The dragon merely waited
until his adversary was in sight,
Then flew into the air and dropped
upon him a load of hot dung,
Never thinking that about this action
a song would ever be sung.
Now humiliated and befouled, the knight
charged and vile curses he cried,
But when he rode close, the dragon spit
a gout of fire and the knight was fried
Within his armor, like a lobster
brought to a quick boil.
So ends our tale, but what, you ask,
of the princess royal?
Ah, well, sadly, this tale ends badly
for all those concerned,
For when the king heard that his most trusted
knight had been sorely burned,
He rode forth himself to save his daughter
and slay this foul beast.
Yet when he arrived, alas, too late, the dragon
was already sated from his feast,
For he had eaten the roasted knight, then
swallowed the princess, as well.
Seeing the slumbering dragon, the king attacked,
wanting to send it to Hell,
But the dragon had expected his need for
vengeance, so was only pretending,
And in a flash, gobbled up the king.
What? Did you expect a happy ending?


About the Author

Terry D. Scheerer feels that his poetry reflects aspects of his life, much of which has been dark, dreary, full of pain, death, disappointment and disillusionment. But, then, whose life hasn't been?
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