Cliffhangers, Inc. By: L. Craig Woods


Cliffhangers, Inc. Chapter One
By: L. Craig Woods


The natives had departed the small clearing, the sound of their happy chatter lost in the dense jungle. At the edge of the cliff, two of the vines that dangled into the abyss suddenly jerked taut and began twitching back and forth.

A few moments later, a head appeared from below the edge and two bloodshot eyes carefully scanned the clearing. Seeing no danger, Brad pulled himself up and rolled over onto the dirt. He lay on his back and laughed, softly.

Stetson had been hoping that one of the natives would notice the vine he had been holding when he went over the cliff. He had only dropped about twenty feet before the vine arrested his fall and he was able to find purchase for his boots on a narrow ledge, just beneath a low overhang on the cliff face. While holding onto the rock wall with one hand, he kept tension on the vine with the other, until one of the natives cut through it and he pulled the severed vine over the edge and tossed it away. Then he cupped a hand over his mouth and screamed, turning his face to the wall to simulate movement of the cry, as if he were, in reality, falling a great distance.

There were a number of other vines trailing over the edge of the cliff and Brad knew he would be able to climb up one of them to safety, as long as the natives didn't get clever and decide to cut 'all' of them loose. Apparently, his plan had worked.

Saved by yet another miracle, Brad thought, as he pushed himself to his feet. Now, he just had to figure out how he was going to get back to civilization, while avoiding poisonous snakes and man eating lions, not to mention further sacred virgins and more angry tribesmen, all without food, water, no weapon and no idea of where he was.

"Okay, okay, what do you think?" Todd asked.

Hal read over the finished copy and sighed. "Well, I guess it will have to do. You gonna send it off?"

"Just as soon as I run a final spell check."

"Good. That bastard better get some money to us, like right away," Hal said. "I have a feeling we have some outstanding bills to cover." He stood watching as Todd prepared to send the e-mail, then jumped as the doorbell rang.

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