Cliffhangers, Inc. By: L. Craig Woods


Cliffhangers, Inc. Chapter One
By: L. Craig Woods

After a few minutes, he called Hal back over. "Okay, okay, what about this?"

The natives ran screaming up to the cliff edge, furious at not being able to kill the white devil themselves. They clustered near the drop-off, stamping their feet and shaking their spears in frustration. Several of them attempted to look over the edge, but all they could see was the turbulent river, far below.

One of the warriors noticed a vine that was stretched taut as it hung from a low branch where it went over the lip of the cliff. This seemed odd, since all of the other vines that disappeared over the edge were lying flat on the ground. He walked over and tapped the vine. It was pulled so tight it nearly vibrated when he touched it. There definitely appeared to be some heavy weight attached to the other end, somewhere far down the cliff-face.

He called over a companion and they excitedly discussed this unusual find. Then they smiled, as one of them took a large knife from his belt and with one blow, severed the thick vine. The loose end quickly disappeared over the edge of the cliff and they heard a startled cry from somewhere below.

They all crowded up close to the cliff as the scream slowly faded and then abruptly stopped. Overjoyed, the natives stomped their feet and howled with pleasure, as they could now return to their village and tell everyone that they had personally killed the man who had befouled the honor of their tribe.


"How's that, then?" Todd asked, leaning back and lighting a cigarette.

Hal read from the monitor over his friend's shoulder and smiled. "Yeah, that's a little better. You still have to bring him back for next week's installment."

"Okay, okay, no problem," Todd said and returned to the keyboard, once again.

Hal turned away from the desk and noticed that the message light was blinking on their answering machine. "Hey, dude, have you checked our

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