The End: Story One - The Great Escape Pt4 By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
The Great Escape Pt4
By: David K. Montoya

We stepped back out into the hallway to find that no one was around. I had been certain that we would have run into some sort of opposition by then. But nothing, not even a hint of someone. Richard had realized that I was alone and asked where the others were. I explained the entire plan to him as we walked up the hallway, though I never got to get to the end, because we were interrupted by the sound of an exchange of gunfire.

As we turned the corner, I found where the gunfire was coming from. There were seven men and they seemed to be guarding a door, but for what reason I didn't know. Michael and the Professor seemed to be trapped behind an opposite wall. That was why no one was around when I found Richard; all of them were already too busy with my son and the old man.

With the element of surprise on my side, I was able to slip up behind the guards without being noticed. Before they knew what happened, all of them had already been gunned down. They dropped like dominos, one after another. Those poor bastards didn't know what hit them. For a second I got lost in the moment, as I watched the white floor turn red with their blood. At the same time I could feel a tingle run down my body. I was beginning to enjoy this--maybe a little too much.

The call of my name brought me back to the present. It was Michael, and he asked if I was all right. I quickly answered with a "Yes," but, inside, I wasn't really sure about that. Something was happening to me. Whether it was mental or physical was the big question.

Michael told me that he and the Professor had not found anything, and he believed Richard was nowhere on that floor. Mike looked over at the professor and accused him of having no clue as to where they were going, and was possibly leading us to our deaths. The professor walked over to me and said that my brother should have been in one of the cells. He told me that all the prisoners go there after being kept in a holding cell. He went on to explain to me that if Rich was not up here with us, then he would most likely be dead. Finally, I told him to take a breath, and then pointed over my shoulder, showing them both that I had found Rich, who had been sitting out of view. He was hiding behind the wall. I went over to my brother and helped him back to his feet. We walked out into the open. Michael came over to help hold Richard up, since he was unable to carry his own weight because of his wounded leg.

Turning back to the professor, I asked him where to go next? He said that we would not be able to go back the way we had come, because the guards from downstairs would have gathered reinforcements by now and would be coming up that way after us. So, the only way out would be another hidden staircase located in the warden's office, which was where the door that the guards had been protecting led. He told us that the staircase ran the entire length of the building, but it would be a difficult task, since the way out required descending a fifteen story a ladder.

As we broke through the door, there were only three guards waiting for us. The exchange of gunfire was minimal. For some reason the guard's only had hand guns, which made them sitting ducks. I was able to put a few rounds into a couple of them myself. Within seconds the three men were dead and we were making our way toward the secret exit. The professor slammed his shoulder into a corner of the wall, causing it to spring open and reveal the hidden doorway.

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