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  • Welcome To The World Of Myth

    Be well come to the 18th, big issue of "The World of Myth." We have loaded this issue down with new stories, art work, and poetry, as well as some New sections for your enjoyment. Last month, the readers voted to include Book Reviews along with our other selections, and to start this section off, next month we are going to discuss a prolific and talented writer, George R.R. Martin, and his multi volume serial fantasy, "A Song of Ice and Fire." Mr. Martin is also the Featured Author this month in our Fantasy Section.

    Also in the Fantasy Section, Steve Bolin offers up Part One of a two part story, "The Guardian," which takes a different look at what 'Honor' might mean, while "Queen of the Westerlands" continues with Part Three. To round out our story list this month, L.M. Mercer offers up her long anticipated conclusion to "The Greenhouse Murders," and David K. Montoya brings us another chapter of "The End." And, in a surprise addition, our own Reaper Rick has come out of his shell and submitted a short story, based (so he says) on his 'real' life. Don't forget to stop by for Balcony Betty and Rick's movie reviews, as well.

    In our poetry corner this month, the 'Gurl of Myth' and Kevin Magnus offer up some of their work, while musician and now film maker Creep Creepersin has even sent in a new poem. The staff here at TWoM also want to wish one of our poets, Shaddow, a speedy recovery from her recent medical problems. In the Art Gallery, Jessica Rinaldo and David K. Montoya offer new art work.

    Speaking of Art, copies of the signed, 2006 "The World of Myth" calendar sold out in just a few days, so if you missed picking up that item, we are going to be offering quality lithographs of some of the art work featured in the calendar. Check out the Myth Mart for further information on this offer.

    In this issue, we are also offering a new, 'Creative Youth' section, wherein young artists will be able to share their work with our readers. These drawings and paintings are presented solely in an effort to promote the arts in a younger generation, that they may hopefully discover their hidden talent and go on to bigger and better things with it. We wish these and any future contributors to this section the best of luck.

    The Member of the Month was another close race in January--in fact, the MOM for the past three months have all been decided by just a few votes and/or percentage points. So, considering all of the new contributors we have, along with the number of selections to be voted on, be sure to cast your vote for your favorite artist or author of the month, after you read or view their work. We also want to congratulate all of the MOM winners from 2005, a couple of whom were first time contributors to "The World of Myth." Keep up the Great work!

    And now, I leave you to meander leisurely through this issue, and above all, we hope you Enjoy!

    Terry D. Scheerer
    Editor in Chief

    See why the fun never stops at The World Of!..

    Story of the Month

    Humphrey's small group moved slowly upriver in silence; the only sounds heard around them were those of water singing softly over stones, and a continuous chorus of crickets and frogs from the nearby bank... Click Here for Terry D. Scheerer's Queen of the Westerlands Part 3
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