The End: Story One - The Great Escape Pt3 By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
The Great Escape Pt3
By: David K. Montoya

That single gunshot rang throughout the town. Before any of us could prepare ourselves the group from the coliseum was coming at us from all directions. We took off running as fast as we could up the town’s road. Just when I thought we were going to get away without further incident, gunfire erupted.

Not stopping or looking back, Michael and I returned blind fire. We could see the entrance that led to the hotel. The Professor said once we reached the elevator inside, we would be in the clear, but the guards we gaining on us!

I told the Professor to go in front of me, as I didn’t want anything happening to him, especially if he did indeed know where Richard was and could guide us out of there. We would run a few paces then turn to fire, run some more and fire once again.

We finally reached the elevator, but were quick to discover that the control panel had been destroyed by one of the stray bullets. The Professor turned to us and said that the only way up now, was to take the stairs.

Not having time to debate the issue, the three of us headed for the stairwell. Once we were inside, I wedged a knife between the door handle and the wall, creating a temporary lock to buy us a little extra time.


We moved up the first flight of stairs quickly, and the Professor stepped out an exit onto the second floor. I asked him what he was doing; why did we leave the stairwell?

He explained that we would be able to use the elevator on this floor and that none of us would make it up fifteen flights of stairs. Again, we did not have time to talk it over, so we raced down the hallway heading for the elevator.

I hit the button, but at the same time I heard someone shout out, “They’re over here!”

I turned to look over my shoulder and saw a group of guards coming up the hallway. Michael was about to fire his rifle until I stopped him. He questioned my actions, and I explained to him that we were safe for now. The guards were not firing at us because they would put their residents in danger if we exchanged gunfire there in the hallway.

Moments before the guards would have reached us, the elevator doors slid open. We rushed inside and I punched the ‘close’ button several times, trying to get the doors to close faster.

As they slid together, I could see the faces of a few of the guards and they cursed at not being able to reach us. There was bloodlust in their eyes, but they would have to wait because for now, we were safe from them.


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