The End: Story One - The Great Escape Pt3 By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
The Great Escape Pt3
By: David K. Montoya

Still in darkness, I called out to my son and felt a cloth placed over my face. Wiping the blood away, I could once again see what was going on around me.

Examining myself, I was relieved to find out that the wounds on my arms were minor. I realized then that there was no more gun fire. Looking over at the Professor, I saw him standing over the bloody corpse of an Unlucky. I looked down at the one that had attacked me. It was on its back, and black tarry blood slowly ran from its neck.

I looked up at the V.I.P. box and saw Patrick standing there, clapping his hands. He said that we did well in the first stage of his plan, but would bet that none of us would be so lucky with the next. As he turned away I could hear the protective gate rising.

We took a moment to gather ourselves, and then exited the arena to resume the search for my brother Richard. #

We were able to get through the main exit that led from the backstage area to the lobby entrance of Palace City. Within minutes we found ourselves back inside the town center. I noticed that the guardís body from earlier was gone, which meant that all of the cityís guards would be on high alert.

Slowly, we moved through the city. The professor continued to lead as Michael followed behind, and I covered the back. Still somewhat winded from my fight with the Unlucky, I stopped to catch my breath. That was a mistake, as I turned my attention away from the others, letting down my guard.

I felt a cold steel blade placed over my jugular. Someone managed to sneak up behind me, but he was hesitating. I seized the opportunity and slammed the back of my head into the manís face. The knife moved away from my throat, and I heard the guy crying out in pain.

I turned away, putting some distance between the man with his blade and myself. When he tried for a second attack, I was able to dodge him, and this time I countered with a kick to the side of his left knee.

When the man hit the ground, I saw his knife fly from his hand. Before he noticed it was gone I grabbed it, and placed the heel of my boot on the bridge of his nose. By this time Michael and the Professor realized what had happened and were now by my side.

The guard got back to his feet, and realized he was out numbered, so he put his head down and dropped to his knees, surrendering to us. When I turned away to walk back over to the others, the man made one final lung for me. But he never made contact, as Michael fired one shot into the manís head.

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