The End: Story One - The Great Escape Pt3 By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
The Great Escape Pt3
By: David K. Montoya

Trying to see past the bright light, I saw a figure standing in the Emperor’s V.I.P. box. The person revealed himself, as he stepped out in the open; it was Arch-Commander Patrick. He did not say anything at first, just stood there looking down at the three of us with his arms crossed. I could barely make out that he had a rather large smile on his face.

Finally he uncrossed his arms and placed them on the railing in front of him. Patrick explained that he knew we were going to be a problem the day all of us were stopped while on our way to Haven. The Arch-Commander stopped speaking as he noticed that a third person was with us.

He asked the Professor how he liked his new friendship, and that his insubordination to Palace City and the Emperor caused his fate to match our own—Death! Patrick turned back into the darkness and within moments I could hear growls and hissing which indicated the arrival of a pair of Unluckys!

I had to think quickly, as I didn’t want to waste valuable ammo on them. We could easily go through a full clip each before the Unlucky would truly be dead, but there was nothing we could do. Mike and I shouldered our guns and waited for the Unluckys to come into the light.

Before we knew it, one of them lunged out at me from nowhere, knocking me to the ground. I could hear my son calling out to me, saying that he was coming to my aide. Out of the corner of my eye, I saw the Professor grab up my rifle and join in the attack on the other Unlucky.

I heard both rifles being fired, but I knew I was on my own; Michael and the Professor were too tied up with the second monster. I did the first thing that came to mind, and placed my hand around its neck and started to squeeze.

The Unlucky continued its attack on me. The demon swiped me across the face a couple of times, but I refused to let go and only tightened my grip. Blood from my facial wounds started to roll back into my eyes, causing me to squeeze them shut.

Now basically blind, I could no longer see what was happening around me. I focused on the hissing coming from the Unlucky, felt the creature’s nails slice through my arms and heard Michael screaming to me that he was on his way.

I repositioned my right hand on the thing’s neck and found that it was right under its Adams apple. I dug my fingers into its flesh as I continued squeezing, making it harder for the Unlucky to breathe as well as to swallow.

I could feel the monster’s hot blood run down my hands and onto my arms. Its hissing was replaced by the sound of gasping. Finally after what seemed to be forever, the demon’s body went limp. I shoved it off of me and made my way back to my feet.

I was shaking, but not from fear; it was excitement! I had just taken another life, but it was with my own two hands. At that point the only sound that I could be hear was the rapid beating of my own heart.

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