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All right you guys, it's Reaper Rick and I'm BACK! Mental health days, my Auntie's fat rumpus room. Me and my voices are just Fine. Yeah, my jaws are a little sore from chewing through those leather straps, but we all need our exercise, after all. At least I got to see a few movies there at the 'Relaxation Clinic,' so here are my reviews.

"The Forty Year Old Virgin" was like watching two movies. One of them was really funny; occasionally even laugh out loud funny. A lot of it was crude humor--stuff that only guys would understand and really crack up over, but we are a crude bunch, so it worked out pretty well. The other part of the movie was just plain dull and mediocre. If they had only used all of the funny scenes to make one, good, 45 minute long movie, it would have been great. But, since they didn't, I'm only giving this flick One and a Half howls of pleasure . I would have given it the other half a howl, but the ending was SO bad and SO drawn out (making it even worse!), I took that half away. I would advise a 'pass' on this one, unless you're just a bunch of guys sitting around getting drunk and wanting to laugh your asses off.

Okay, so if you are a sci-fi fan, then "Serenity" is a must see flick. I didn't even know that it was a transition movie from the Television show, "Firefly," until I saw the bonus features on the DVD. Betty already gave you the basic plot background, so I'll just add that this movie packs a lot of action, drama and even humor into a rust-bucket of a space ship, along with a disorganized, motley crew, who attempt to right a galactic wrong, naturally against overwhelming odds. It's kind of a loose cross between Star Wars and Spaceballs, with lots of fun and action. I give it 4 howls of pleasure and will try to catch "Firefly" reruns on the Sci-Fi channel. Hopefully there will be a sequel to this movie.

I knew nothing at all about "The Island" before I saw this movie, so the entire plot was a complete surprise, and it took me a while to actually figure out what was going on. And by then, I was hooked. Even so, I kept being surprised by unexpected plot twists. There were Great chase scenes, where they totally destroyed some really cool, really cherry vehicles, in some really wild crashes, coupled with amazing photography. There were a few questionable bits in it, but I don't want to give anything away about the story--if you haven't seen this one yet, you should. Drama, suspense, action, betrayal (all right, even a little bit of love), and plenty of unexpected surprises, all make me give "The Island" 4 howls of pleasure. This is a good, fun flick.

I tried to watch "The Exorcism of Emily Rose," but the DVD was so scratched up (I think the other inmates--er--patients had been playing Frisbee with it, or something), that after the disc jammed on me about eight times, I just gave up. However, from what I did see of this movie, there were a few good scares and some pretty shocking scenes, plus some nice special effects. But basically, it just looked like any other exorcism flick. Since I didn't see the whole thing, I don't really feel I should rate this one, so I'll just say: don't bother seeing this flick unless you are really a fan of exorcism movies.

Now, for a movie that has been out for a while (2004), but didn't get much play in the theaters--at least not that I noticed. "De-Lovely" is the Cole Porter story and starred Kevin Kline and Ashley Judd. Granted, this movie isn't for everyone. First of all, it has quite a lot of music--singing, piano playing, dancing--it is a 'musical,' after all. Second, it's a love story--a tragic love story, yes, bit once again, if that isn't your cup of tea, then you may as well pass on this one. Plus, it turns out that ol' Cole was bisexual, so there are some (minor) scenes involving two men. If a couple of men kissing turns you off, you should also pass on this flick (guess you don't like cowboy movies anymore, either, huh?).

But, putting aside all of those things that 'might' turn off some viewers--other than that, I thought it was a great piece of work. If you enjoy the music of that bygone era, you will love this movie. Alanis Morissette has a cameo and sings, "Let's Do It (Let's Fall In Love), which is also on her new, "The Collection" album. Kevin Kline is a great actor (loved him in "A Fish Called Wanda" and "Fierce Creatures") and plays the role of Cole Porter very well, and apparently even sings. Ashley Judd is beautiful (as always) and portrays Cole's entranced, and then estranged wife, encouraging him to greatness and then despising him for doing what great men frequently do. All in all, I thought this was a wonderful, fun, funny, sad, and lyrical movie. For any who find this type of movie at ALL enjoyable, you will definitely get a kick out of this one. I couldn't find anything wrong with it, except that it wasn't long enough. So, "De-Lovely" gets Four and a Half howls of pure pleasure from this boyo.

Well, I'd do a few more reviews, but they (those voices) are telling me it's time for my medication. So, you all get out there and catch some good flicks, then let us know what you think of them. Sound like a plan, Dan? Er, sorry.

Until next time..............

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