Lost by Kevin Magnus


By: Kevin Magnus

I awoke to become only confused and lost,
Frozen inside from the inexplicable frost.
Not able to remember where Iíve been,
Or even why I am trapped in this din.
Was it my impassionate desire,
That caused me to be reborn by fire?
Never did I want to be here again,
Paying the price of an unforgettable sin.
Then I heard something that was falling,
So I ran out, to find what was calling.
Saying hello would have been complete madness,
But what I found next led only to sadness.
While wiping the fresh blood from my face,
I then realized another had fallen from grace.
Not showing my fear, I stepped forward in a brave stride,
Until finding what was on the ground had already died.
In the very end Iím still lost in the shadows of that night,
And will forever be confined in the darkness, without any sight.

About the Author

Kevin Magnus is a new submitter to the site'. He has just recently started writing poetry, and has found a new passion that he never knew was there.
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