Queen of the Westerlands Part II By: Terry D. Scheerer


Queen of the Westerlands
Part II
By: Terry D. Scheerer

They needed to make haste, now, since like as not they would be seen by guards atop the castle wall. Humphrey led them through the sleeping village at a quick trot, until they came to the outskirts and a stone bridge that spanned the wide, slow moving Green River. They crossed the bridge, then Humphrey headed east and they rode hard and in silence, until the road turned away from the river. Here, Humphrey slowed and guided the horses back to the river, where he allowed them to drink a little, before moving on.

"From here, we travel upriver," he told his companions, "and for a spell, we will travel in the river, to throw off any who may pursue us."

"Where is it we are headed, Sir Humphrey?" Isabelle asked, as she stroked Chestnut's neck.

Humphrey's hand went automatically to the hilt of his sword when he thought of their destination. "We go north, my lady," was all he said. He touched his heels to Bastion's wide flanks and the horse splashed into the shallow water, moving against the current, followed closely by Chestnut and Bruce's mount.

To be continued...

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