On a Silent Night by L. M. Mercer


On a Silent Night
By: L. M. Mercer

I watch out the frosted windows,
As the glistening snow slowly falls.
My mind wanders away aimlessly,
Never staying on a single subject long.
I dream of winters long past,
When life was very different, indeed.
With a tinkle like sleigh bells,
Snow falls from lower pine branches.
I see a bent old man walking through the woods,
Relentlessly gathering dry wood for his fire.
Suddenly I am like medieval King Wenceslas,
Rushing forth from the warmth to help the man.
Grabbing up my cloak along the way,
Once outside I see evidence of no other.
I rush toward the area where the man had been,
But arrive in time to hear retreating sleigh bells.
I stand beneath a fragrant pine looking around,
A silver bell on a ribbon of velvet is all I ever found.

About the Author

Even though she has been writing for some time, L. M. Mercer has never had her work viewed by the public at large. She had mainly used writing as a release for her stressful existence (never intending for others to read her poems), but was badgered into submitting some pieces by friend and coworker, Kevin Magnus, who told her to 'Stop wasting your talent'. While never admitting to him that she is very grateful for his badgering, she will henceforth share with us her talent, both lyrical and oft times somber, now that she is our newest contributor to the "World of Myth".

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