Christmas '05 by Kevin Magnus


Christmas '05
By: Kevin Magnus

The chilly winter breeze has begun to blow,
And just for a moment the world starts to slow.
Smiles are worn more often during this time of year,
And the hearts of men grow warm, for Christmas time is near.
Most hardships are forgotten and all becomes well,
No time for grieving, while everything is on sale!

Love and kindness fills the air with the scent of fresh mistletoe,
United together, wanting this to last—Oh, I wish it were so.
With families assembled to sing carols with glee,
Realizing what is important, if others could see.

So as the year now comes to a close,
A message from me to you, who knows?
As the festival ends, try to keep a bit of the holiday cheer,
But most of all, have a MERRY CHRISTMAS and a HAPPY NEW YEAR!

About the Author

Kevin Magnus is a new submitter to the site'. He has just recently started writing poetry, and has found a new passion that he never knew was there.
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