Ghost of Christmas Past By: L.M. Mercer


Ghost of Christmas Past
By: L.M. Mercer

Over the next few days it was determined that the bones had been encased in the chimney for roughly twenty years. After this revelation, two CSIs arrived to obtain a cheek swab from Billy for DNA comparison. During the investigation, the construction crew was allowed to complete the renovations, completing the task three days before the Christmas deadline.

Billy did not hear anything else about the case until the early afternoon of December 24th, then the detectives came to his house, commented on the new living room and informed him that the DNA results had come back. Then after clearing his throat, the detective who had worked the previous case told Billy that both cases were now officially closed. It seemed that the remains he found belonged to his missing father, and from the red cloth fragments mixed with white faux fur, they had surmised that he had been wearing a Santa costume when he died. Billy sat there, in silence, staring at the wall where the chimney had been, long after the police were gone, thinking, “He didn’t leave us after all.”

The End

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