The End: Story One - Aftermath By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
By: David K. Montoya

The guard pushed me back away from Richard and said he was a prisoner of ‘Palace City’ and therefore was the property of the Emperor. I asked where he was going to be held, so we could visit him once he was in his cell. The other guard interrupted me at that point and told me that prisoners of Palace City were not allowed visitors for the first year of containment. Knowing at this point that any type of confrontation with either or both guards would be useless. I nodded and said that I understood, grabbed my son and we cautiously walked away from the two guards as well as the cries of my brother.


Once I got back to my room, all I could do at first was to just sit there on the side of the bed and think about how bad Richard looked. He was in so much pain and there was nothing I could do. I hoped that he would make it through the night, especially after the barbaric way he was treated. I don’t believe the man that was sewing him back up even wore gloves.

And if he were to survive that night, all of us would have to worry about whether or not he had contracted “The Sickness.” From what I could tell Rich had suffered not one, but several bite wounds from the Unluckys. I realized that the odds of him surviving were grim; there seemed to be no hope for him. It also occurred to me that it would be rather pointless to attempt an escape, but Richard is my brother and if he were to die, then he would do so with his family around him. None of us were even certain if he would make it through that night. I was quite positive that some sort of infection might set into one of his many wounds.

One in particular that worried me was the one on his chest. It being so close to his heart, if any type of bacteria were to develop in the wound, he would be as good as dead. We all needed to get the Hell out of there! But before I could go after my brother, I needed to find our SUV. The last time I saw it was when that Arch-Commander guy (Patrick—I think his name was) took it off to park it inside a multi-level lot that was a part of Palace City domains.

So what I needed to do was to have someone (most likely one of the girls), go out to the complex and scout around for our vehicle. Even after that, I still needed to track down the location of the keys. What good would it be if we can’t even get the damned thing started? I was pretty sure that the girls could get one of those poor Palace goons out there to give up info as to where the keys were kept. And while they were doing that, Michael and I would be able to get Richard. Maybe.

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