The End: Story One - Aftermath By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
By: David K. Montoya

We both thanked him for his help, but the older man did not respond. He only cracked a weak grin and started mopping the tiles on the floor once more. A few seconds into his job, the worker disappeared into the darkness.

So we turned back and headed toward the other direction. I wondered to myself about the old man; it just did not make sense. It was obvious that no one would go that deep in the building, since there was nothing back there, but dust and cobwebs. Moments later, we came upon the door, right where that old man said it would be.

We walked inside and were both shocked at what we saw. The entire place was a wreck! My son was fast to point out that there was dried blood smeared all over the floor, as well as some places on the wall, and it was in serious need of some kind of maintaince.

The smell of something that was obviously dead and decomposing filled the room. Mike was unable to handle the stench and puked, but no one around us seemed to care, as if they had been through this more than a few times before. All of the people there in the room continued running about, doing some type of task to prepare for the next contest.

Mike and I walked farther up to find, off to one side, four holding cells which contained the Unluckys that were to be used in the next fight. We kept our distance as we went by, dodging the Unluckys who were trying to swipe at us. They looked more deranged than normal—I wondered what the Emperor had done to these creatures?

As we went up the hall, I noticed human screaming off in the distance. The more we advanced, the louder the screams became, until the two of us turned the final corner, to find my brother lying on the floor as another man sewed up his open wounds.

I saw with horror that he was tied down and blood flowed freely from his injuries. The man who was attempting to sew up Richard’s wounds ran the needle (which looked like an old fish hook) in through one side of an open gash and ripped it out the other side. I went to help the man, but I was confronted by two guards that appeared to come from nowhere. I tried to explain to them my intentions, but they would not allow me to pass.

Up close, it was unsettling to learn that Richard’s wounds were much more serious than I had originally thought. There were several deep lacerations that ran across his face, as well as down his neck. I also noticed a steady flow of blood came from where one of the spikes from the Unlucky’s vest pierced his chest.

I was most concerned about the large wound on the back of his arm, where an Unlucky had bitten a chunk out of flesh out of it. A sticky pool had formed underneath that wound. It was clear that Rich had lost a lot of blood from his several serious wounds, but the man slowly stitched the injury on his leg.

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