The End: Story One - Gladiator By: David K. Montoya


The End:Story One
By: David K. Montoya

The Unlucky was able to get back up after Richard missed a blow, and made its attack, but my brother made a charge of his own. He struck the Unlucky across the face with his blade. After that blow, the beast laid there on the unpaved floor for only a moment, before it got back up on its feet and started to hiss and howl. Rich was momentarily unaware that the creature was back up. It jumped on him, knocking him to the ground. I gasped when I saw one of the spikes pierce his chest.

But he did not allow it to go in very deep, as Rich held onto spikes at the shoulders, keeping his distance from the monster. I could see from where I was sitting that he was looking around for something, but I do not know what. The demon swiped at Richardís face, slicing though his skin with its sharp, claw-like nails.

Taking his hands away from one of the spikes, Richard was running his hand back and forth through the dirt, looking for something. Then he grabbed up the spike that had fallen off the vest earlier, and drove it into the side of the monsterís face. It went through its cheek and came out the mouth. The beast was stunned by this attack and Richard was able to get his leg against its chest. He pushed the devil off of him and quickly got back to his feet. Rich then grabbed his sword and ran up to deliver a final deathblow to the Unlucky. It was evident the last maneuver caused serious injury to the beast. We all felt sure that Richard had survived the sentence handed down to him--that was until a loud horn sounded.

All of the spectators in the arena burst into a deafening cheer. We all looked around, trying to see what the cause of all this was, but we could find nothing. As Richard turned back to continue his attack, I then noticed that a second unrestrained Unlucky was making its way down toward him. And he was completely unaware of what was happening! I stood up and tried to call out to him, but he could not have heard me above all the cheering. My warning was too late, in any case, as the other Unlucky made his way into the arena and dove onto my brother, knocking him off his feet. It took a huge bite out of the back of his arm, pulling away skin, and blood poured from the wound. It then started to strike wildly at his back. If it were not for his body armor, Rich would be as good as dead by now.

My brother seemed doomed, until his aggressor was interrupted when the first Unlucky attacked it, freeing Rich to grab his shield. He leaped onto the creature, causing one of the metal spikes of its harness to be driven inward, going into and through the second Unlucky's skull.

The metal protruded out from the side of its head. Richard got back to his feet and grabbed up the sword. He stood there for a moment, watching the Unlucky convulse, as it remained impaled on the end of a spike. He ran over to the two beasts and without hesitation drew back his sword and let loose a powerful blow, severing the head of the impaled Unlucky. As the body collapsed to the ground, blood spewed from the neck stump, covering Richard with its dark, tarry blood. The other beast started to feed on the remains of its companion, and for a moment lost sight of Rich. While it fed, Rich wiped the muck from his face, then looked up at me with a big smile gave a thumbs up, now with more confidence. I could tell at that moment he was starting to enjoy himself.

Without warning, the first Unlucky stopped eating on the other and leaped toward Richard. Although his aim was dead on, surprisingly Richard was able to keep his footing and shoved his sword into the beast. He brought the sword up sharply, cutting through flesh and bone, causing it to crash to the ground. The people had began to chant, "Kill! Kill! Kill!"

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