Tasteless Indifference by Shaddow


Tasteless Indifference
By: Shaddow

The engraving sense of humor and branding criticism,
The laughs we shared and the tears I cried because of you.

The massacre of my emotions and the constant belittling,
But I looked up to you.

The lies. The betrayal. The falseness.
The uneasy tone in your voice when you apologized.

The tears you cried when you realized you where a bad person,
But quickly got over it when you got your next fix.

Why does it hurt you so badly that I am not like you,
That I have not fallen to your lows?

Still you choose to live life as a lie,
And be remembered as the one I could never truly love.

About the Author

The one known as the Shaddow is the newest contributor here at 'The World of Myth'. Trained by the Gurl of Myth herself, the Shaddow takes her painful past and turns it into beautiful poetry.
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